OTA firmware update is failing

If you are unable to update your Pixel firmware over the air (“the firmware doesn’t fit in the ota partition” error), try using the experimental web serial updater. Several people have reported that first erasing, then flashing the new firmware solved the problem.

Do I need an 18650 li-ion battery to use the Pixel?

No, the Pixel is perfectly happy being powered only by its USB C port. You can insert a battery if you want to walk around with the Pixel. We find it’s great fun to wear it at (virtual, during the pandemic) conferences.

Can I use any 18650 li-ion battery?

We know for sure that all flat-top 18650 cells work. We use 2600mAh ones, and they last many days with our intermittent use.

Current draw at full brightness is expected to be between 1.5A and 2A at the cell. For optimal performance make sure your cell has a max continuous discharge rate of 5A or more.

There are also 18650 cells with a built-in protection circuit. These are a bit taller than normal ones. The same goes for button-top cells. Some of these cells may fit as well, but we can’t promise they will.

One person has let us know that a cell with both a protection circuit and a button-top (6mm taller than normal) does not fit.

Can I make my own diffuser?

Absolutely! You can print your own using our design, and there are a few alternate designs and additional printable accessories for the CampZone 2019 event badge that the Pixel was based on.

How can I get in touch with you?

Check out this page to learn how to reach us!