The uinterface API allows you to perform different visuals that help the user understand certain processes.


Command Parameters Description
menu items, [active], [selected], [callback_left], [callback_right] Show a menu with textual items (list of strings). Allows the user to select (right button) multiple entries. User confirms with A or cancels with B. Returns selected index if selected=None, or a list of selected indices otherwise.
text_input [charset] Ask the user for a string input, by cycling through a set of characters. The charset param is a string of allowed characters (default: a-Z + 0-9 + common special characters)
confirmation_dialog text Show a scrolling message to the user, with icons, with the option to accept with A or deny with B.
connect_wifi [duration] Connect to wifi whilst showing a connection icon. Timeout after [duration].
loading_text text Show a scrolling message with a loading icon on the left.
skippabletext text Show a scrolling message that can be skipped with A or B.


Ask the user to confirm or cancel, with visuals

import uinterface

if uinterface.confirmation_dialog('Do it?'):
    print('Doing it')
    print('Not doing it')

Show a scrolling text message that blocks until fully shown or until user skips

import uinterface

print('showing message')
uinterface.skippabletext('You can cancel this, or wait until it has been shown')

# This is executed only after the message has been shown (or user cancels with A or B) 

Show a menu with multiple selectable items

import uinterface

options = ['option1', 'option 2', 'option 3']
selected = ['option 2']
uinterface.skippabletext('Select something')  # Allows a user to skip the message with A or B
selected =, selected=selected)
uinterface.skippabletext('Your choices: ' + str(selected))