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256 Pixels. WiFi enabled. Fully hackable.

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From the creators of CZ19, as seen on

Beautiful Full-Colour LEDs

On a WiFi-enabled board. Pixel addressable. Insanely fast refreshing prevents flickering on camera.

Fully Hackable

Runs on the famous open source firmware we helped build. Write your own apps in Python. Develop via web or USB C. Privacy-first design, no phoning home whatsoever.

App Store

Dozens of premade and community apps. Completely free, now and to eternity. Publish your own via your browser. Apps install natively on your badge.

Special Founder's Edition

We're launching with a limited edition of the Pixel. Beautiful full-colour PCB art designed on commission for Pixel. Built-in accelerometer, gyroscope, and temp sensor.

Limitless possibilities

Download free apps or build your own with ease.

Get your Pixel Badge

The Pixel Badge is now available from our distribution partner Allnet China. Note: most countries charge additional import duties or VAT. Ships without battery.